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Where it all began?

The studies on the remains recovered from the Indus Valley civilization (3300 BC- 1900 BC) indicate the existence of exemplary techniques of construction and architecture in South East Asia. Over the years the technology and capital in the construction process have drastically changed. Even

though the construction process has informally always been omnipresent ever since the human existence, however it was industrialized at a much later stage close to 1867 AD.

Initially the construction process was

confined to the building of dwellings, religious

places, community-level spaces etc. however now it has evolved into a more organized

industry. With simple building materials like

mud, limestone's, bricks, basic/precious

metals and natural fibers like cotton and even

simpler techniques, the ancient construction

process was based on Vastu Shilpa Shastra.

Sthapati was the term used to denote the ultimate workman behind a project,

today we refer to such a person as an Architect.

Major rebuilds in the industry came into existence during the British regime in

India, where Lord Dalhousie set up the PWD (Public Works Department) for civil

projects which turned out to be the stepping stone of a systematic structure.

This development was not only limited to the industry but also brought

economic changes in India. India got a layout of what its construction and

architecture industry would look like a few years later under the British rule.


Where we are now?

Today, the construction industry offers employment to a sizeable population of India.

In January 2019, India's construction sector had

a contribution of over 2.7 trillion Indian rupees to

the country's GDP. This was an all-time

high contribution recorded through the sector,

according to Statista. If we look closely,

the construction industry is the heart of nation’s

development, where all sectors are it defense,

education, health or power projects like Dams,

River valley etc appertain to the construction


The new age construction techniques are bringing a revolution in the industry. With the involvement of technology, changing thoughts into a reality is no more a cumbersome task. Just as prefabricated construction method ensures timely delivery of projects like housing, Green construction is making its way to sustainable tomorrow. 3D printing is also an emerging trend in the field of construction which is less time consuming and cost-effective as well. It may take a little while for the Indian construction industry to adopt this as the new method of building spaces but it is sure to be a boon keeping in mind the future prospects.


Though the current state of affairs is making all of us witness a global slowdown, the construction industry is not immune to the fact, however, this shall pass too and we may continue to build the nation with us.

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