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Post Covid Workplaces

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

There are various ways in which we can

resume working, given that work-from home has now been accepted as the new normal. The lock down had canceled out the sounds of large pieces of equipment, machinery, and construction tools to replace it with the sound of chatter, laughter, and often the sounds of most loved pets.

The couch became a work

station and so did the kitchen table and

the bed. With the unlocking and Begin

Again movements, it is essential to

resume work in the office space without

compromising on one’s safety.

Although it is difficult to do on-site work from any other place in the construction industry, architects, designers, hygiene habits, and organizational changes can

permute the working environment.


Role of Architects and Designers

A new trend in design is going to be seen to be future-ready for pandemics and more. Large office spaces with minimal designs are going to be the new trend as highlighted by ae7.

- Incorporate touch less solutions into home and workspace designs: Automatic door

openers, automatic toilet flushes, face scan at

the entrance, sensors for lights, and door-less

designs are the future.

- Use of healthier materials: Commonly

used materials like plastic and stainless steel keep the virus and other bacteria alive for longer. Using alternatives like brass and easy to clean materials can minimize the life of bacteria, thus making it a safer work environment.

- 6-feet offices: Cushman Wakefeild’s 6 feet

offices provide a 6-step guide to maintain

distance and cleanliness throughout the offices

which must be adopted by every firm.

- Re-designing break points: Place

microwaves, refrigerators, refreshments in different areas to enable distance protocol and avoid crowding in one part of the office


Role of Managers and Organizations

Important managerial decisions will determine the flexibility in the organization's work environment and adaptation to technology forms the path ahead in bringing employees


- Allowing work-from-home: WFH should be

made permanent, and employees should be

allowed to choose to work between office and

home depending on nature, and urgency of

work. This will also minimize the crowding of

office spaces and commercial buildings

- Adapting to technology: Along with video calling facilities like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Meetings, Cloud solutions should be used to manage large amounts of data stored by


- Uninterrupted data connections: Offices

must invest in fast speed Wi-Fi to allow

employees to be connected from home and

otherwise to hold meetings across the globe.

This also allows employees to save time in

traveling for face-to-face meetings which can

easily happen over video calls


Personal Hygiene Solutions

- Sanitizer stations at every corner of

the office

- Regular disinfection of the office

space using appropriate chemicals

- PPE kits for cleaner and other

frontline workers who keep the office

space clean

- Abiding by the waiting indicators

inside office spaces

- Scheduled deep cleaning of the

office space

With a few changes in the traditional forms of a work environment, businesses can

resume functioning, rebuild hope in employees, together we can fight the crisis

and define new normal working patterns. A small change today is going to lead to a

healthier tomorrow.

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